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Springs Creative Announces New Flame Retardant Border Solution

Springs Creative announces the launch of VERGE™, a new flame retardant border solution for the mattress industry. VERGE™ represents a proprietary new flame retardant technology that delivers the best in border design capabilities with a new level of protection. This all-in-one solution avoids quilting or laminating and can be sold in precut border widths. It is estimated VERGE™ will save customers 15-40 percent over any flame retardant border solution currently on the market.

Using new, patent pending flame retardant technology, VERGE™ borders display a unique response when the flame impinges. “When we first saw the results of testing and the char properties, we were amazed. The strength after the flame was equal to the strength of most other products before testing,” said Springs Creative Technical Sales Rep Jimmy Fleming. “We think VERGE™ is a real game changer in terms of design and performance value,” continued Fleming.


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