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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Firegard®?

A. Firegard® is a line of open-flame barrier fabrics intended for use in the construction of mattresses and upholstered furniture. Firegard® flame barriers are made using previously patented core spun yarn technology. Firegard® is also a registered trademark of Springs Creative Products Group.

Q. Is Firegard® a topical treatment? Can I make any fabric a Firegard® flame barrier?

A. No. Firegard®‘s flame retardant properties come from its unique yarn structure and composition. We encase a highly heat-stable core with soft comfort fibers to produce fabrics that drape, feel and breathe like conventional fabrics, but establish a barrier to prevent or inhibit the spread of flame to the combustible materials inside a mattress. All of our residential flame barriers are inherently fire retardant and do not contain topically-applied fire retardant chemicals.

Q. How does Firegard® work?

A. When a Firegard® fabric is exposed to flame, three things happen: The surface of the fabric chars to inhibit the spread of flame. The inherently fire retardant fibers give off vapor-phase flame retardants at the fabrics’ surface to extinguish or slow the flames’ progress. The yarns’ heat stable cores maintain a framework for the char layer. This reduces the flames’ access to the material inside a mattress.


Q. Does Firegard® make use of topically-applied fire retardant chemicals?

A. None of Firegard®‘s residential flame barriers makes use of topically-applied flame retardant chemicals. Instead, we use inherently fire-retardant fibers.

Q. How is Firegard® different from other fire retardant products?

A. Firegard® stands out for its use of the original core spun yarns. The structure of the fabric means you will have a robust flame barrier system that resists self-sustaining combustion, maintains a heat stable fabric framework at the ignition site, and looks and feels great throughout its useful life.

Q. How do I use Firegard® flame barriers to comply with 16 CFR 1633?

A. The breadth of Firegard®‘s product line makes it easy to achieve compliance without sacrificing your mattresses’ aesthetics. We offer knitted and woven barriers that are designed to be used as quilting layers or as sock-form encasements beneath conventional non-flame retardant tickings. We offer an assortment of weights and widths that you can choose according to your specifications. While it is not necessary to use flame retardant tape with Firegard® flame barriers, it is essential to use heat resistant sewing thread on all border seams and joints to complete the barrier envelope.

Q. Which Firegard® brand barrier is right for my application?

A. This will depend on many factors. The principal concern is does the construction have enough of a barrier to adequately contain the fuel potential contained in the mattress? The next concern is to ensure that the respective sizes of the mattress and foundation lend themselves to the form and size of the barrier. For example, we offer three sizes of tubular knit interliner in each of five weights. This is to provide the same level of barrier performance for all mattress sizes. Most of our customers use the narrower tube for twins; the medium width for full and queens; and the wider width for kings. They don’t mix weights, they just buy two widths.

Q. Can I label my product a Firegard® Mattress?

A. No, but you can say the mattress features or contains Firegard® brand flame barriers (if in fact it does!). We have certain guidelines concerning the proper uses of our trademark. Please contact us to learn more.

Q. Who sells Firegard®? Where can I get it?

A. Firegard® is available direct from Firegard® Brand Products — part of Springs Creative Products Group – and from our distributors and partners.

Q. What about prototyping?

A. Firegard® brand flame barrier have been tested successfully according to the most demanding full-scale mattress burn tests. We will gladly work with you to help you field your own successful qualified prototypes. In addition, Firegard®-equipped mattress prototypes for market use are currently in testing.

Q. Can I get a sample?

A. Hand samples are available on request. Please see the Contact Us page and provide your contact information with your request. Also, qualified manufacturers can get sample yardage for the construction of confirmed prototypes.

Q. Where is Firegard® produced?

A. Firegard® yarns and fabrics are proudly made in the US.

Q. What does UL GREENGUARD and UL GREENGUARD GOLD certification mean?

A. Being UL GREENGUARD and UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified, means Firegard® products have been tested for thousands of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and found not to contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Q. Are all Firegard® brand products UL GREENGUARD and UL GREENGUARD certified?

A. Firegard®, Firegard® Green, Firegard® Heavy Duty and Verge™ have been certified. Firegard® Health is currently in the process of becoming certified.

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