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Protect Your Brand™

Firegard Green

Introducing Firegard® Green – a totally new take on flame barriers. We engineered Firegard Green to provide all the performance and all the comfort of Firegard® without harmful chemicals that damage our environment.

The heart of Firegard Green is a new fire-resistant TENCEL® fiber, derived from sustainably farmed trees, and made using an environmentally-friendly closed-loop fiber spinning system. But we didn’t stop there.

Firegard Green is available in a variety of basis weights and constructions – either as socks or as cut and sewn snap-on caps to suit you. Firegard Green is one more way you can Protect Your Brand™ – and your customers.

Firegard® Green is UL GREENGUARD and UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning it has been tested for thousands of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and found not to contribute to poor indoor air quality.